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Keep And Search Everything Important In A Second , Just Like your Brain 🧠.

The Best、Fast Switcher for ChatGPT、Translate、Tabs、Bookmarks and History

what we do

Flash Switcher is a tool focused on improving the efficiency and experience of browser operations, focusing on the most commonly used multi-tab Tab switching, thousands or even tens of thousands of bookmark search, and a huge amount of search history, practicing the concept of "what is useful now is likely to be useful in the future", achieving constant-level, immersive operation of any number of Tabs, bookmarks, and history, improving efficiency and saving a huge amount of gross time.

Flash Translate

Bilingual Immersion Translation - Efficiency in the Native Language & Precision in the Original!

Flash Highlight

As Fast as you could ever

Flash Tabs

Flash ChatGPT

Index Latest ChatGPT Conversations And Search Before You Rechat for Same Scene/Topic.

Flash Outline

Alt + O (O for Otline) :extract the best outline for current page

Regardless of whether the current page comes with outline or table of contents navigation, Flash Switcher can intelligently analyze the structure of the page and extract the most suitable outline structure, compatible with hundreds of major blog sites.

Flash Search

search all import details,include opened tabs、history and bookmarks.

support multi keyword and highlight

Flash Bookmarks

Flash Mindmap

export bookmarks to xmind file,and you will get a beautiful mindmap within one second.